Grow Your Business with FleetTracker

Reduce Costs

Our GPS tracking solution will help you to reduce costs in the following areas:

  • Cut fuel costs by reducing idling time and improving driver behaviour
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear costs by improving driver behaviour
  • Reduction in the amount of accidents and the costs associated with them
  • Reduce non business fuel usage with Driver ID reports, that differentiate between private and business mileage

Boost Productivity

As well as the fuel costs you will also benefit by a boost in productivity.

  • Reduce back office admin tasks with our automated reporting - such as our driver timesheet report
  • Record key business events with GeoFences to understand how you fleet is being utilised
  • Manage your fleet more effectively with historical reports and live data dashboard analytics
  • Optimize routes with nearest to postcode search, enabling you to complete more jobs each day


Delight Your Customers

The secondary benefits that our GPS Tracking solution provides to quality of service includes

  • Enhance your customer service by sharing live driver locations  
  • Provide customers with proof of attendence
  • Reduce late arrival times
  • Drives customer loyalty & repeat business


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Improve Driver Safety & Compliancy

Our FleetTracker solution also helps to protect employees while helping employers comply with the following UK business legislation:

  • Working Time Directive
  • Duty of Care
  • Van Tax

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What our customers say...

“Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50.

Kevin Morrison - Operations Director, Trojan Crates Ltd

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Questions? Check out these FAQs

Vehicle tracking works by transmitting GPS location and engine activity data stored in a GPS tracking unit installed in the vehicle. The data is sent via a SIM card housed securely in the unit using a mobile phone network to the tracking providers data servers. The data is then either provided as live tracking information on a map interface or downloaded in report format.
Yes, unlike some vehicle tracking units that require you to download the data once the vehicle has returned back to your offices each day. Crystal Ball's FleetTracker solution transfers the data to our web based portal in realtime, so you can view the information as it comes in. 
To provide greater visibility FleetTracker updates in a number of ways. Unlike most tracking solutions we measure changes in three key areas: 

  • Time
  • Distance Travelled
  • Change in heading

Finally the unit transmits hourly updates when a vehicle is not in journey.

More FleetTracker Customer Feedback

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“Crystal Ball has increased the level of customer service we can offer as we are now able to provide customers with ETA's and location updates.”

Dave Perry - General Manager

DAB Civil Engineering

 “We have noticed considerable benefits on efficiency, and our fuel bills have come down somewhat since having Crystal Ball in place.”

Phil Allen - Director
ThyssenKrupp Case Study

 “Since Crystal Ball we have made savings everywhere, I really wouldn’t want to run this fleet without it now.

Steve Potter - Transport Manager